Winter comes around every year, make sure you are taking the time to care for your trailer. Winterizing is an important part of your trailers life cycle, follow these steps below:


  • Drain water from the hot water heater by opening the relief valve and removing the drain plug. (return the plug after draining) Also, flush the water tank with clean water to remove any silt build up in the tank. You’ll also need to drain water from your fresh water holding tank and all the water lines in your trailer, including sink, toilet and shower.
  • Safely drain your gray water and black water tanks.
  • Use RV-rated anti-freeze and pump it through the water pipes. It’s also a good idea to pour it into sink and shower drains, as well as into the toilet bowl and tank.
  • Remove food from your refrigerator, cabinets and drawers. Once you’re done cleaning the fridge, leave the door open to prevent mildew. (Add baking soda to reduce odors)
  • Remove bedding, paper products and food if possible, this will deter mice from making camp in your trailer. If they can’t nest or eat, they will move on to a better winter dwelling. (Add traps or poison if desire)
  • Remove batteries from any appliance that will stay in the trailer, including the smoke detector.
  • Make sure that propane tanks and the main power switch are turned off.
  • Remove and recharge (if needed) the breakaway brake battery and the main cabin battery. Store them in a warm, dry place.
  • Clean and/or replace filters.


  • Do a thorough wash inside and outside your trailer. Making sure acidic waste and dirt are removed will help keep the paint and fixtures looking new for much longer. Make sure to wash underneath your floor mats if they are removeable.
  • If you store a fire extinguisher inside your trailer, remove it and store inside.
  • Lubricate hinges, locks and other metal fixtures to prevent them from corroding or locking up while in the off season.

We also offer living quarters winterizing in our service department! Call the office today to book your appointment. 403-646-6237